Before we get into the Meat, lets do some Greet.

My name is Gath (pronounced Garth, my parents were ‘arty’) Adams and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I create and manage websites for a living. These include: - Sudoku puzzles - Airfare comparison to get the cheapest Australian airfares. - Online jigsaws - Kakuro puzzles - Crosswords

As well as a bunch of other sites (70 or so, all up). Changing and adding to the sites, feedback from the visitors and working from home all make it a pretty sweet deal. Not terribly social, though. Which is why I also run (with my wife)…

Hidden Bars of Melbourne Tours

Every Thursday night we take a group of 10-20 people around the ‘Hidden’ bars of the Melbourne CBD. All the bars are in back alleys/rooftops/basements - really hard to find. Thursday is the new Friday for me, the tour gets me out of the house & is great fun.

You can check out some photos of the tour here.

Mostly on this blog, I’ll be going on about ways to make money on the web, as well as changes/improvements you can make to sites. But there needs to be some fun stuff too, and I’ll be reporting on some of the news in the bar scene of Melbourne.


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