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How to check if you have a penalty from Google

Almost 2 months ago Google made a small update to their search index. Small to most people, but large to me as dropped from #3 for the keyword ’sudoku’ to #21. Not across all datacenters though, on I was still #1.

I checked out what had happened to other sites, and noticed that a few sites had also dropped out out of the top 10 into the 20s - while these same sites where still in the top 5 in So my first thought was that there is some kind of localisation going on; Sites that end in get a bonus at, but are penalised at This definitely occurs already, but it was surprising to have such a big jump in rankings.

Then I came across this attribute you can add to google search urls, which show ‘unfiltered’ search results. Just add:
to the end of the google url.

Remove the filter, and I’m back at #4!

So what is being filtered?

I checked around, and it seems that adding &filter=0 mostly removes the ‘duplicate content’ filter. So if your site has duplicate content - either with another site, or within the site itself - it can have a penalty.

This immediately led me to do the site: command, which lists all the pages of your site that google knows about
It came back with 4 results! - the rest were left out because google thought they were similar to the 4 already shown. has about 25,000 pages, all with unique comments by visitors. Something was up, and all of a sudden my localisation theory didn’t look so strong.

So what to do?

Continued Tomorrow

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  1. anthony Apr 18

    did you find out anything new about this matter?

  2. Gath Apr 18

    I am still waiting for a major update in the Google SERPS to see if my changes have had any effect.