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MySpace API

2 small posts today, and maybe something bigger tomorrow.

I was having a think about big content sources, and the biggest one at the moment is MySpace - and now there is an (unofficial) API to help you get through the data.

Tom Morris has put together a MySpace API which fetches a person’s profile and comments.


Just insert the name of the person of the FriendID in place of ‘tom’ for the profile that you want.

Right, now to use or abuse, use or abuse…

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  1. Michael Haschek May 4

    Tom, I find this very interesting.
    Can we talk about this API in more detail?



  2. Gath May 4

    Hi Michael,

    I have written my own Myspace API which I am happy to discuss:

    If you want to talk to Tom about his API, then you will have to go to his site (given above).


  3. Michael Haschek May 5

    Hi Gath,

    my main-interest is to get the names of my contacts, this would be ok for my tool. Most of my contacts are spread over several networks, so I can mix them up and have also the complete contact-information.
    Tom’s tool broke, maybe I have entered to much to my profile….



  4. Gath May 5

    I was wondering if perhaps Tom’s API had been taken down - but I just checked and it was still working.

    Maybe it is your profile :)