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Batch Image Processing

One of the tasks that I constantly doing is preparing images so that they right size/shape for my sites. Easy enough when there is only 5 images to prepare, but sometimes I have 100s - so I wrote a program which will take care of my image processing in batches.

Batch Image Processing

In the Input Directory just enter the directory and filename of the file that you want to process. The ‘*’ wildcard can be used to specify more than one file. Input files can be JPEG, GIF, TIFF or BMP.
C:\temp\my pics\*.gif
This would select all the gif files in the directory.

In the Output Directory just put the directory that you want the new file to be placed. The new file will always be a JPEG (.jpg). If you leave this blank, the new file will be placed in the same directory as the original - but with a slightly different name so it is not overwritten.

Processing Options

Blur Edges: You can blur (fade) the edges of an image to either white or black. This is great if your image has an edge which jars with your background. I use this effect a lot on this site, especially on my post about Fighting Robots.
Resize: Allows you to specify a new height/width. If just one of these is set, then the other is automatically set to keep the image in proportion to its original size. IE - if the original image was 200×100 and you set the new width to be 50, then the height will be automatically set to 25.
Quality: You can adjust the quality of the new image, which affects the size in KB. The default is 100%

Download the Batch Image Processor

Update: Sorry to say, but it is Windows-only.

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  1. zuzu Oct 22

    every time i down load batch image processor, then go to run it, the notice, the application failed to initialize properly(0×0000135) click to terminate the application.

    is this my system or the program????
    thank you

  2. Gath Oct 22

    Hi zuzu,

    The file is zipped to conserve space and bandwidth. Unzip it before running it & you won’t get any errors.


  3. zuzu Nov 4

    had another go mate and all i get is the same message;the application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135). is it me or my system? sorry to bother you over this, only its driving crazy.
    thanks for your tolerance

  4. Gath Nov 4

    Hi Zuzu,

    Did you try unzipping it?

    You can download Alzip for free, and it will unzip it for you.


  5. zuzu Nov 5

    tried unzipping with winzip. have now installed alzip and it cannot open it either. it has the same error message.
    i think i will give up, but thanks for trying to help, i appreciate the effort especially the time you have given and the fact that you supply it free.

  6. zuzu Nov 19

    have found a program that i have tried and have sent some photos.
    if its not to much trouble could you let me know if these have been done properly?
    havent seen any of my shots and wonder whether it is because they are being done wrong.
    love the site it has now become a daily ritual.

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