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MySpace API - Automate your Blog posts

I have written a small API which allows you to add blog posts with a simple URL GET.
Update: It seems that sometime recently the MySpace pages for posting to your blog have changed, and so this API is now broken. I will fix it shortly when I have the time.

The format for usage is:[Post Subject]&Body=[Post Body]&Email=[Your Myspace Email]&Password=[Your Myspace Password] 


Remember to HTML encode the [Post Subject] and [Post Body]

To try it out:

The code for this simple test page is:

<script type="text/javascript">
function SubmitBlog()
var sSubject = escape(document.getElementById('iSubject').value);
var sBody = escape(document.getElementById('iBody').value);
var sEmail = document.getElementById('iEmail').value;
var sPW = document.getElementById('iPassword').value;
window.location = "" + sSubject + "&Body=" + sBody + "&Email=" + sEmail + "&Password=" + sPW;

<tr><td>Post Subject</td><td><input type="text" id='iSubject'></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=2>Post Body</td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=2><textarea id='iBody' rows=5 cols=31 width=100%></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td>MySpace Email</td><td><input type="text" id='iEmail'></td></tr>
<tr><td>Myspace Password</td><td><input type="text" id='iPassword'></td></tr>
<tr><td></td><td><input type=button value="Submit" onClick="SubmitBlog()"></td></tr>

No logs of requests are kept (I have no interest in stealing your password and becoming the most hated man on the internet). All the source code is in ASP.Net. If you would like a copy, send me an email.

At the moment, because all requests are handled via GET, the body posts must be reasonably small. If there is interest I will expand the API to allow POSTs so that the blog body can be larger.

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  1. Paul May 2


    I am working on a MySpace API mostly just for logging in and finding the user’s friend id. Would you mind sending me the code for your cool page?


  2. Gath May 4

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve sent you the code. Let me know what you think (and what you get up to!).


  3. John May 5

    Nice, I’ve been looking for something like this, would you mind sending me the code? I’m exploring the possibility of a game using myspace.

  4. Gath May 5

    Hi John,

    I’ve sent you the code. Got any examples of the game you are planning?


  5. Gath May 5

    John - I sent the files zipped up, but your email account bounced them back, saying ‘Illegal Attachment’. Do you have another email address?

  6. john May 9

    hi Gath, this comment should provide an alternate email. thanks for posting. I’m in the concept phase tring to figure out what can be done. I’m thinking it would be a basic arg (alternte realty game), where users clipped clues and could share them through their existing accounts.

  7. Gath May 9

    Hi John,

    The email address is the same (gmail). I sent the file again, but had the same result as before. Anything other than gmail?

  8. M. Vittiglio May 13

    Great stuff… was just trying to find a way to have Word2k7 post to myspace but now I’m going to make my own streamlined editor…


  9. John May 15

    Sorry about that, here’s another addres.

  10. Alan May 18

    Can you send me a copy of this code? Thanks!

  11. Steve May 19

    id like a copy of the code if possible. Want to try to make a wordpress to myspace crossposting type thing.

  12. Andy May 30

    Hey I would love to take a look at the code also if you don’t mind sharing. I’m trying to make a php page on my band’s web site so that we can write blog posts from our site and also have them show up on MySpace. Looks really cool.

  13. sid Jun 8

    FYI - theres a php wordpress plugin that does this

  14. sid Jun 8

    Also i have a php project that does blog posting and more

  15. Stefan Jun 19

    Gath, this looks very interesting. I would like to have a look at the code if you don’t mind.
    Thank you much

  16. alok Jul 1

    Hey I would love to take a look at the code also if you don’t mind sharing. I’m trying to make a page on my web site so that we can write blog posts from our site and also have them show up on MySpace. Looks really cool.

  17. Fahmi Jul 10

    I am working on a MySpace API. Would you mind sending me the code for your nice page?


  18. Fahmi Jul 10

    do u have any code for bulletin post in MySpace…
    If u have, plz let me know.


  19. Eyal Jul 29

    Hi, are you planning any more features to your API other than post a blog ? what about query profile ?
    If you share the code i will be happy if you can send me. I’m new to internet technology my background is embedded programming.

  20. goldFISH Aug 2


    just wanted to know if you could hook me up with the API to get the login id of the users. If you have a bunch of examples in PHP (although I CAN convert it from asp), it’d help thanks/.

  21. vik75 Aug 22

    Hi, wud really appreciate if you can possibly send me the ASP.Net code for this page. i am a beginner to and want to hook up my code with

  22. Daryl Sep 1

    Can you send me the code if you don’t mind? That’s pretty slick.

  23. Kain Oct 7

    Could you please send me the code to your API please?

  24. Jon Oct 16

    Why are you having people ask to have the source code emailed to them? What is the big secret? Why not just zip it up and put a link for download? Unless you want the hits to your site and don’t wish people to distribute it around the web, which is silly because anyone you email it to is going to eventually do it anyway.

  25. Justin Oct 19

    Can I get a copy of you MySpace API. Very Cool!

  26. rahul Oct 30

    I want to get all my friends list from myspace and i have to post photos to myspace .It is very intresting.Can you help me regarding this,I need it very badly.

  27. rahul Oct 30

    Hi ,

    I need this code very badly please send me code for myspace api in java.

  28. Angie Nov 6

    Would you mind e-mailing me a copy of your code? I am working on something similar in php.

  29. Joe Nov 14

    Please send me a copy of your code. Thanks!

  30. Joshua Doan Nov 19


    I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. My PHP skills are modest, at best, and it would be great if i could get a copy of this so I can see how it’s done.

    In the end I would like readers of my site to be able to insert our podacst player into their “about me” section of their myspace page.

    Facebook has an API. Why not myspace?

    - joshua

  31. Rainman Nov 21

    Hi Gath,

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I am working on a project using MySpace API for logging in and export the user’s friedlist. Would you mind sending me the code for your cool page?


  32. James Dec 3

    I’d like a copy of the code as well.

  33. shiva Dec 12

    hey can u send me myspaceapi plz

  34. Alex Dec 13

    hey, i waswondering if i could check out the code.i m develeping in .net. i can login but can’t do a get request to other pages after i login. not sure if this is an error on my part, or something that myspace is doing to make it difficult to navigate their site. any help would be appreciated.

  35. Idetrorce Dec 15

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  36. Peter Dec 27

    please send me myspaceapi.
    I am trying to share pics on other site with myspace.



  37. Matt Dec 28

    This is pretty slick. I’d be quite interested to see the code behind it, if you’re still open to sharing it.

  38. vijay patidar Jan 1

    you did very nice but as i need i want to upload photo and video into myspace profile by tabking mailid and password how can i do this? pls help.


    vijay patidar

  39. vijay patidar Jan 2

    i hope u will help me soon.

    vijay patidar

  40. skoda peterburg Jan 20

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  41. Estela Jan 22

    Hello Gath,
    I have some widgets and I would like to locate them into MySpace. It would be great if you could share with me your API. It really would help me.
    Many thanks, Estela

  42. Graciano Jan 31

    Hello Gath.
    I’m working on video upload api and I’m having some problem to login on myspace.
    Wouldn’t u mind sending me the code to login to Myspace?
    Tks in advance

  43. Vinod Feb 3

    Hey friends,
    I want to import whole data of the myspace profile in my web application after clicking the import profile button on my web application.How i can achieve it.
    Please help me.

  44. david Feb 27

    Please send me a copy of code

    Thanks david

  45. alex Feb 27

    you API is not working….

  46. Abar Mar 12

    Hey I’d like a copy of the code too, please. Thanks!

  47. Max Mar 15

    Hi, Gath
    I’m working on widget to get all data from myspace profiles. Would you mind sending me the source code for your API?

  48. Siva Jun 1

    Please send me the code.Thanks in advance

  49. carlo Jun 2

    could you please send me the code of this api? thanks in advance :)

  50. Emily Jun 16

    could you send me the code of this api? thank you so much!

  51. Chris Jun 25

    Dude, sounds cool .. Can you send me a copy of the code?
    Thanks in advance!

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