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MySpace API

I have updated my MySpace API to accept HTTP POST requests as well as GET. This means that the fields can be as long as you like, which is good for blog posts.

Try it out:

The code for the test page is:

<form name='form1' id='form1' method="post" action=''>
<tr><td>Post Subject</td><td><input type="text" id='txtSubject' name='txtSubject'></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=2>Post Body</td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=2><textarea id='txtBody' name='txtBody' rows=5 cols=31 width=100%></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td>MySpace Email</td><td><input type="text" id='txtEmail' name='txtEmail'></td></tr>
<tr><td>Myspace Password</td><td><input type="password" id='txtPassword' name='txtPassword'></td></tr>
<tr><td></td><td><input type=submit value="Submit" id='btnsubmit' name='btnsubmit'></td></tr>

As before, I am happy to share the code if you request it.

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  1. Grant May 7

    Could you send me a copy of this? I’m looking into some way to push content to MySpace, and this looks interesting.

  2. Gath May 7

    Hi Grant,

    I’ve sent you the code.


  3. Gath May 7

    Same problem as when I sent the zip file to another gmail address - it bounces with the error ‘Illegal attachment’

    Grant - do you have another email address?

  4. Sami May 8

    Hi Gath,

    I’m interested in having a look at your source.
    I need something in Java for this purpose and maybe your code could provide a base.


  5. Eric May 9

    Hi Gath -

    This looks interesting. Could I get a look at the code? I am looking to try something with php but any code right now might point me in the right directions.


  6. Ozh May 9

    Nice ! Can I have a look at the code too ? Thanks in advance

  7. Gath May 10

    I have sent the files to everyon who requested them - however anyone who has a gmail account is bouncing the email back with an ‘Illegal Attachment’ message.

  8. DevBoi May 14

    Hi, This is interesting! Please could I look at the code? I’d like to see how you’ve done it. That’d be great. Cheers

  9. Gman May 14

    Hey Gath, I’d love to see this code. Can you forward to me?

    best — gman

  10. Zippy May 15

    Hey, I’d also love a copy of this code. Thanks!

  11. Gath May 15

    Sent all the code off. Good luck with your projects!


  12. Jim Jones May 16

    I’d love to see the code as well! Thanks!

  13. Lukie May 16


    i have been trying to do something similar but no success.. can you please send me your code?

    thanks in advance

  14. kurt May 21

    Yo! I would be rather interested in seeing your code. I’m working on some myspace scripts of my own, but i’ve had some trouble…

    kurt j

  15. kurt May 21

    Hi Gath

    So… my trouble is that I keep running into a bunch of javascript stuff inside myspace. I can do some pretty boring stuff, like login and get my ID number and the ID’s for my first page of friends. Anything that can be done w/ a POST method in the URL… I’ve been using both perl and python (long story). I’m a beginner in both really.

    So i guess my question is, how do you handle the javascript stuff? Anxiously awaiting your response/code.

    Kurt J

  16. brian May 21

    Hi Gath,

    I’d really like to see your code. Could you email it to me? Thanks a bunch!


  17. Gath May 21


    I have sent the code off to everyone. However, whenever I send to a gmail address I get a bounce back with ‘Illegal attachment’. This happens if I zip the code or not. If you have a different email address then that would be great.

    When I have some more time (next week) I’ll make a post where I go through the code & explain how to do things fully.


  18. PJ Kelly May 23

    Hi Gath,

    I’d love to take a look at your code. Could you send it over?

    Best, PJ

  19. Maggie May 25

    Hi Gath,

    Excellent - would you mind sharing your codes with us? We’ve supported a lot of “blogthis” support to many platforms and certainly would be nice to add Myspace’s support.

    Really appreciate it!

  20. johan May 27

    Hi there,

    Would appreciate a look at this, I’m trying to write some scripts that’ll allow people to “broadcast” on myspace and a bit stuck, so any clues appreciated

    many thanks =)

  21. Fahim May 30

    Hi there,

    I’d be grateful if you can send me a copy of the code since I’m interested to see how you’ve done the API :)

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Dan Jun 1


    This is cool! Could I get a copy of the code?


  23. Brendan Jun 4

    I’d love to see a copy of this code.


  24. Muttkid Jun 8

    hi! nice work :)
    pass me a copy of the code please. is you code gpl’ed?

  25. Callum Jun 8

    This is great. I’d love to see the code. Thanks.

  26. Dan Jun 10

    Hey, can I also get a copy of the code? Thanks.

  27. Ryu Jun 13

    Please send me code as well. I’m trying to grab my comments into a .net webpart. thanks!

  28. snorkle256 Jun 13

    You you send me out a copy of your code. It seems really interesting and is my ideal solution to simulaenous posting.
    Thanks, Snorkle256

  29. kimchi79 Jun 13

    Can I take a look at this code too?


  30. Paul Jun 14

    I would love to see your code! I have been looking for something like this for a while.

  31. gardner Jun 19

    Gath - I’ve been looking to play around with something like this w/regards to MySpace… I’d love to take a look at the code if you don’t mind to send it over.

    I appreciate your work… please keep it up!


  32. oooh! Jun 25

    me too! I’d like to see your code.

  33. Gath Jun 25

    Hi Everyone,

    All code samples sent.


  34. Rajiv Jun 26

    Hi Gath

    I would be interested in code, does mySpace provide a API to post stuff ?
    do you have idea about other sites such as bebo, facebook, flickr etc..


  35. jerm Jun 27

    I’d like to see it too please.

  36. Steakk Jun 29

    I am a computer programmer, and was debating writing my own MySpace API, until I came across your page. Is there any possibility of acquiring a copy of your code? I am interested in porting it into an API for .NET applications, so that more people would be able to utilize it, and write standalone applications.

    – Jason

    P.S. I realize I have a gmail account, and you will get an illegal attachment error; but if you could contact me at that address, I will be able to give you a different address to send to. (I do not check my other e-mail that often, unless I am expecting something)

  37. Nicolas Jul 2

    Can I take a look to your code too ? Thanks a lot!



  38. Shahid Jul 2

    It will be a great help for me if you could provide me the code.


  39. Muttkid Jul 3

    Hi! here is my alternate address I’d like to see the code too =)

  40. DANGVU Jul 10

    Could I see this source as well please?

  41. Chris Jul 12


    If you could please send me a copy of the myspace api code it would be much appreciated.

    Chris Raethke

  42. Brian Jul 16

    Wow! everyone is asking for the code !!! I must join this club and ask myself.

    Although I feel compelled to suggest adding this as a project in Reason is because I would love to contribute and republish it back.

    P.S. - Gath based on my email, you can see who i work for, i am sure many other developers here would love to contribute… maybe even host it.

  43. Rory Fitzpatrick Jul 17

    Can I have a copy too please!?

  44. a Jul 17

    A page for people who dont mind sending their myspace passwords to anyone who asks for it.


  45. Chris Jul 23

    Hey there,

    Could you please send me a copy of this?

    Cheers, Chris :)

  46. Jeroen Jul 24


    guess what… I’d like to receive a copy of your code ;)

    good work!

  47. Ben Smith Jul 31

    Hey, could I get a copy of the code please?


  48. Huey Yao Aug 3

    Hi there, could you send me a copy of the code? Im looking for a way to push content to myspace. Thanks a lot!!

  49. Chris Hutchison Aug 10

    Hi, I too would like a copy of the code please. Thank you.

  50. John Aug 21

    Could I also receive a copy of the code, please? Thanks. (Remove “.zip” from the filename to prevent gmail from bouncing it back to you.)

  51. Michael D Price Aug 22

    Wow Gath,
    This is very generous of you.

    I would love to take a peak at the source code for this.

    Many Thanks

    Michael D Price

  52. eD Aug 26

    Hey Gath, would you mind sending me a copy as well? Anybody else have luck with generating APIs for anything besides messages?

  53. Graham Aug 30

    Would be very interested in a look at your code. Can I please have a copy? =)


  54. Chris Sep 3

    Hello Gath,

    I would be very interested in taking a look at your code as well. I would appreciate a copy if you would not mind.


  55. Greg Sep 8

    Hello Gath,

    I too am interested in trying to use your code.

    I ma redoing my profile via Adobe’s FLEX which generates FlashPlayer9 content (.swf) files. mySpace has tightly isolated flash content on their pages. I would like to see how I might use your API from my site to get/put content to/from my profile via my server using PHP and perhaps mySQL to cash content.

    If you would send me the code as will I will let you know how it goes.




  56. John Sep 10


    I’ve love to take a look at this code if at all possible, any chance you could e-mail it to me?



  57. Urm Sep 12


    Great work! Could I please get the code sent to me.



  58. Rod Sep 14

    I want to view and study how your code works so send it to me. Thanks

  59. Brett Sep 25


    I’m interested as well. I’m trying to build an app that aggregates all your friends gig calendars so they can be in one place.



  60. Chris Sep 27

    Hi Gath, I am also very interested in checking out your code. I program in c#. Does your API work with c#? Does MySpace provide any official API like Facebook does? Thanks alot


  61. Harpreet Oct 3

    Please send me the code I need to use in one of the widgets I am developing.

  62. Kain Oct 8

    Could you please e-mail me your code?

    Thank you,


  63. syntax_error Oct 9

    I would be glad to get your code too. Thanx.

  64. Tom Oct 10

    I too would be very grateful to receive a sample of your code for this as soon as you can.

    Many thanks in advance


  65. Michael D Price Oct 11

    I requested the code for this a while ago and never received it.

    I would like a copy of this code sent to me please

  66. Brandon Oct 12

    Wow this code is awesome! Can you send it to me? I’m also interested in learning about your SEO techniques. Any tips?

  67. Dan Oct 17


    Can I get a copy of this please? I can’t seem to find your email listed on here, so hopefully you’ll read this request.


  68. Steve Oct 19

    Hey Gath,

    Can you please email me the code. Thanks a lot!!

  69. Denys Oct 23

    It would be quite good, if you could send a code to my email.
    Or maybe it is accesible via public svn?

    Thanks beforehand.

  70. Arn B Oct 24

    I want to post band event schedules from my database onto Myspace. Please send the file if your API handles event updates and works with PHP, or let me know if it won’t.

    Thank you

  71. Gath Oct 24

    Hi Arn,

    Sorry, the code is written in ASP.Net, and doesn’t work in PHP.

    All other emails have been responded too, and code sent.


  72. LP Oct 25

    Any way I can get a copy too? Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  73. KFDC Oct 25

    I’d really like a copy of the code as well, thanks!!!

  74. Harrison Oct 29

    could you email me the code

  75. Sven Magnus Oct 30


    I would like a copy of the code please. I hope you find the time to send it to me soon.



  76. SL Oct 30

    Hey Gath,

    Can you please send me the code? Thanks.

  77. Björn Johansson Oct 31

    I’ld love to get a look at the code. Thanks in advance!
    / Björn

  78. Aqua Oct 31


    I was looking for the myspace api and thanks a lot to you. I am so happy that I found it at the first click. Thanks again…

    Have a nice time.

  79. Daan Nov 3

    Hey Gath,

    Would you be so kind as to send me the source as well? I would love to see how you tackled some of the problems :)

    Kind regards,


  80. Lee Nov 8

    Hi, Please, would you like send the code to me. Thanks

  81. Jothimani kanthan Nov 9


    If you could please send me a copy of the myspace api code it would be much appreciated.


  82. David Nov 9

    Could you send the code to me please. Thank you very much.

  83. Adam M-W Nov 11

    Hi. Great work. Just a ask if you could send the code. If it bounces try a different archive format, or just change the extension and tell me to rename it when i receive it

  84. Rich Nov 13

    Hi Gath,
    I woulad appreciate a copy of this code if could forward it onto me. It sounds very interesting.

    Rich, UK

  85. Mike Nov 13


    Would appreciate if you could send me a copy of this code.


  86. Mike Nov 13


    Just by change, was wondering if you have an API to send messages to FaceBook as well.


  87. Ryan Nov 27

    Hi Gath,

    Looking to do some interesting things with MySpace integration. I would love to take a look at your codebase if you don’t mind. Please send it over if you have a chance.


  88. Maidul Nov 27


    I am very much interested to see your code. Is is possible for you to send it?

    Thanks in Advance

  89. Saed Dec 5

    Hi Gath,
    I am trying to do some widgets on MySpace and your code will give a great help if you send it.
    thanks in advance

  90. simon sugita Dec 10

    hi(gh) Gath,
    great work im looking into this because im making a myspace,secondlife mashup could u pls send me this code 2 ty allready greetings from simon

  91. Doug Dec 11

    Could I see the code as well? Thanks!

  92. Mike Dec 13

    Hi Gath, can you please send me your code? I’m working with myspace now and it will be very interesting for me.

  93. Alex Dec 13

    hey Gath, i would also like to look at the code. i got some basic stuff working, like the login, but then when i try to navigate anywhere from my account home page, i get redirected to the splash page that says i need to be logged in to do that. so, posts seem to work, but when i do a get i get redirected. any suggestions. i am pretty sure i am keeping track of all cookies and stuff correctly.
    any help would be appreciated.

  94. Jonathan Dec 16

    Hi Gath, I would also like to look at the code.

  95. efic1 Jan 4

    Me too… Can I see the code as well? Thanks!

  96. Wayne Jan 8

    I’m really interested in seeing the code! Thanks in advance.

  97. DrewDown Jan 20

    Hey gath,

    I would love to check out the code for this. I want to publish content to myspace. this looks like the ticket.


  98. Frans Jan 21

    Hi Gath,

    Me too?
    I would like to have a look at the code and see if I can use it in a drupal module. Does yhe license allow this?

    Thanks, Frans

  99. Brian Jan 25

    I’d love a copy of the code also. I especially would like to see how you authenticate with myspace before posting. Thanks!

  100. Jake Jan 29

    Hi Gath,

    I’d be interested in seeing the code as well - if that would be okay. Thanks!

  101. Jeferson Jan 30

    Sent me code too!! please

  102. Bjorn Feb 11

    Hi, looks very interesting! Can you please send me the code as well [or make it downloadable somewhere]?

    Thank you.

  103. Luke Feb 14

    I’d like a copy too if you are still sending it out. Thanks in advance!

  104. Will Feb 16

    I would love a copy of the code as well, if you are still sending it out.

  105. Pop Feb 18

    can you send me your code?
    I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

  106. Sibin Feb 20

    Hi… Gath

    your code looks interesting . I was looking for this for a long time . Can you please send me the code? It is really urgent

    Thanks in advance.

  107. Henry Feb 25

    hey what happen for ur blogging system ,It is not working properly,It keeps to showing a bad request error ,pls make it proper for me

  108. Christopher Finke Mar 7

    Hi Gath, could I get a copy of the source code as well?

  109. Chris Mar 19

    Hi Gath, still possible to geht the code?


  110. Marcus Mar 22

    Hi Gath,
    i’d like to have a look at the source, since this is exactly what i am looking for..

    thanx in advance man!


  111. Coder Mar 23


    I would appreciate if you could please send me the code as well.


  112. goshi Mar 24

    Hai, I Want To get Your Code Because it is really interesting For me to complete my task. I will wait For your Response
    Kindly Post your Code in Myemail Address

  113. akshay Mar 30


    i need that code if possible?

    thanks a lot

  114. Jagan Apr 20

    I find it very much interesting.
    It would be really great if you can send me the code as I am very much interested in exploring the myspace API.
    your help is highly appreciated. Awaiting it!

  115. Tony Apr 28


    Just came across your site. Great posts!

    Could you please email me the code? Btw, if you get an illegal attachment error, I think you can just rename the file. Gmail might not like archive files being sent, but if you rename the file it cannot tell.



  116. Mary May 1

    It looks grate!
    could you please share me your code?

  117. karan May 21

    Hey i am working on an application which requires to hit myspace apis and retrieve data.Would need some guidance and sample code…kindly help!!

  118. Ben Althauser May 29

    Hi, Your code is awesome, and I’d love a copy of the myspace api.

  119. Siva Jun 1

    can you pls send me the code.Thanks in advance

  120. Sali Jun 2

    Very cool. I would like to request the code too :)

  121. navjot singh Jun 10

    hello dear,

    i’ll be very thankful to you if you give me source code to post the postings on the myspace site.


  122. Kami Jul 12

    i’ll be very thankful to you if give give me source code to post the postings on the myspace site.

    Thank you

  123. Manh Jul 23

    Hi, I am interested in your source for this. It looks very interesting. Can you send a copy to me? thanks!

  124. Sean Jul 29


    I’ll be very gratefull if you could share the code to push content to MySpace page.

    Thank you in advance.


  125. Boris Aug 2

    Hi Gath,
    can you please, share your code. Which Myspace functionality do you support?
    Thanks in advance

  126. pramod Aug 4

    Could you send me a copy of this? I’m looking into some way to push content to MySpace, and this looks interesting.

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