Slash Mobile data-transfer costs with SQIJ

Connecting to the web from your mobile is all well & good, but the sky-high bandwidth costs have always put me off. Enter Scott Powell, and his new mobile-framework SQIJ.

Sqij is all about making the mobile web a fast and fun experience. This is achieved through specially written ‘applets’, which keep the user interface simple, while adding the power of dynamic updating with Sqij’s ‘push’ capabilities. This makes live data feeds possible, like in the Finance applet, and alerts with sounds like the Email Monitor. Applets also employ Sqij’s smart-caching, giving a snappier feel and lower wireless bills!
Sqij is also an instant messenger, allowing you to chat in realtime with other Sqij users.
Some popular applets available for free are:

  • Weather
  • Finance
  • Traffic Incidents
  • RSS News Reader
  • Travel (world times and currency converter)
  • Dictionary
  • Yahoo Local
  • Twitter

The Twitter applet gives you an easy-to-use interface on timelines, updating, and direct messaging, all without SMS! You can receive alerts on either timeline changes or incoming direct messages.

SQIJ is available for all SmartPhones and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. There isn’t much information on the website, but SDKs exist and there is an area for developers.

Going away for the weekend

Kym & I are going away for the weekend for a much needed break. Where? you ask - look no further than here for great Daylesford Accommodation.

See you next week!

My own Facebook Application Directory

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I wrote my first Facebook Application. It’s been a huge learning experience. The Sudoku application went viral 4 days ago - going from 100 new users a day to 500, then 2000 new users a day. More on that in a future post - here’s my latest website:

Facebook Application Directory

My own directory of applications written for Facebook, and my first venture into the world of directories. As a launch bonus, if you have a Facebook Application and need someone to add it to their profile then submit it to the directory and I will also add it to my profile.