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Draggable Marker Google Maps Demo

So you’ve been checking out my previous posts on Google Maps and Draggable Markers, and it would be nice to have a demo so you can see the draggable markers in action.

Check this out:

And the code as well? Here is the source for the Google Maps Demo

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  1. Jim Dec 16

    Your Draggable Marker Google Maps Demo is almost perfect. You NEED to include zoom scale slider to make it more user friendly.
    Seriously, if that were included, you could set this up as a separate web page and sell advertising. Lots of people would use it because I’ve been searching all over for a Google map with that feature and it simply can’t be found.

  2. Darian Bonnell Apr 21

    Do you have any documentation for your control, or will I be able to use the Google API documentation? Also, do you know how I can get the map to load the USA on initial load?

    Thanks and great job,