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We Got Domain - over 10,000 aged domains for sale

We Got Domain is a quick site that I built to make buying domains from forums like dnforum, digitalpoint etc easier. It extracts domain names from the sale threads and then finds out extra info like Backlinks, Pagerank, Creation date etc. Domains can only be bought on the forums so hopefully We Got Domain will save time for people buying domains while driving extra traffic to the forums (and they get tons of do-follow links as a small bonus).

The site was partly inspired by a the post Purchasing Domains on as well as Shoemoney Marketplace and

I hope you find the site useful - send me an email if you have any suggestions or improvements.

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  1. Work from Home Guru Mar 17

    Wow the new site looks great, that should be really useful, thank you. I have been making money online by buying and selling domains, so I think this will really speed up the process, which means I make more money. :)

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