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See how your website looks in over 60 browsers - in minutes

You’ve just updated your site. The changes look great - both in IE and Firefox - so you release it. And all is good.

Until a few days later, when the emails start to pile up. It doesn’t work in IE6. Problem is, you don’t have IE6 installed anymore, and don’t have access to a machine that does. Enter Browsershots.

Browsershots will give you a screen shot of your website (or specific page) in over 60 browsers. It does this by farming out the work to various ‘factories’ (people that are running the browsers on their machines. Just submit your URL & choose the browsers you want, wait a few minutes in the queue, then view the results.

Here are some results for (the thumbnails are small, but you get bigger pics at browsershots).
Screenshots of

This is so useful, it just blows me away. Oh, and it’s free. Anyone know of any other sites like this?

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