Blog restoration, upgrade to 2.7 and other stuff

A little while ago I noticed that my blog was down, and that some of the files in the root directory had been corrupted. I contact my host (BlueFur) and they got back to me after 24 hours to say they had fixed the probem, and that all was good.

And they had, kind of.

They had restored the blog from a backup made over a year ago. Great going. That’ll teach me to rely on hosting backups, rather than do my own. Luckily I was able to get most of the posts from google cache, but all the comments made in the last 12 months were lost.

And I’ve finally rejoined society by upgrading to Wordpress 2.7 (up from 2.1). Finally, my posts are being saved automatically…

So now everything is in order. Time for some more posts!