Eurotrash Bar

Eurotrash is a 3 level bar/dance/party venue tucked away down Corrs Lane, Chinatown. All very trashy, and since the place is run by Croatians & Russians - very authentic (well, I’ll take their word for it).

Ground Level is a mult-themed area, with different areas to hang out & also relax in comfy chairs. Taking their cues from Europe, there is the Mediterranean, Black Forest, French Quarter and a small booth which is the (definitely) red light district.

Upstairs is a gallery/band room. All kinds of exhibitions take place here, and on the weekends it is a great place to mingle & groove. On Thursday nights there is usually a band on, and starting in May the night ‘PopTarts’ begins. PopTarts is a night of female-fronted pop bands and female songwriters, and should be a lot of fun. During the Comedy festival they are having nights put on by local comedians.

Moving up to the 3rd and final floor, we have the penthouse. When Eurotrash was first being set up this was where the owners lived, but now it is a bar/pool room and can also be booked for private functions. This area constantly changes, they are always bringing in new props and mixing it up.

There is an outside area that snakes upward from the ground to the 3rd floor, with plenty of rest stops along the way. It also features the sexiest 2-storey-tall nurse you’ll ever see!

Cabinet Bar opening

One of the cooler things about getting paid to drink is that I am also invited along to the openings of new bars.

Cabinet Bar is a brand new drinking spot situated upstairs off Rainbow Alley (just behind Swanston St, near Little Collins st). It is owned and managed by Kath Lunny (ex Hairy Canary) She was a great hostess on the opening night, running around & making sure everything was perfect. Too busy even to stop for a photo, so we grabbed Allan (also ex Hairy Canary).


Canary Club

Upstairs at Canary ClubWhen I want to have some food with the drinks, then this is the place. Canary Club is down the end of Melbourne place - you can see the Barcelona-inspired mosiacs from Russell St. Not to be confused with the Hairy Canary (owned by the same people), Canary Club is a Spanish themed bar - think tapas, sangria and flamenco dancing (on Tuesdays).

Upstairs there is a wall of couches/beds which are made for couples. At the end is a large area where a bigger group can comfortably sit & talk to each other. I read somewhere that they have a private room, but I haven’t seen any entrance so that will have to go unconfirmed for the moment.

Richie and Erin from Canary Club Music is standard background bar stuff. No Spanish influence - just staff choice. As for the staff themselves - great. Friendly and attentive with zero attitude (’cept Richie - nah, only kidding). From the wide selection of food & drinks, to the cosy couches, this place has first date all over it.